In view of the current social distancing orders announced by the Department of Health responding to the rapid infectious trajectory of COVID-19, our usual physical gatherings as a church are no longer possible.

Our desire to connect to God and stay well mentally, emotionally, physically and socially remains our top priority. We are not going to be congregating for some time as a church; but that does not mean we can’t still have church service. 

We have adapted our church service delivery to online service every Sunday. Soon you will be able to access the live streaming of our Sunday Services on Facebook Live and You Tube channel from the comfort of your homes. We are all encouraged to make it a top priority to connect to a Sunday worship of God together remotely. These online platforms also enable you to interact with one another, get the message notes and give online. ACC will continue gathering, evangelising and offering pastoral counselling services online to reduce the impact of COVID-19 to communities.

In summary, let’s continue to adhere to Department of Health set guidelines: being wise in  caring for our families, trusting that God is in control, praying for healing, and carrying peace into our communities. 

April 11, 2020

ACC Bishop’s Office